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Agios Efstratios (Saint Efstratios)   is an island of North-East Aegean in distance of 18 miles south-west of Limnos.It  extents to an area of  roughly 44 sq. km.  The harbour and the settlement are in the north-western department of island.

In the level of Local Self-government it constitutes a Community which belongs to Limnos Perfecturein the region of Northern Aegean.

It has 210 permanent residents with main professional occupations the fishery and the livestock-farming.

It has beautiful beaches with spotless waters, while still it is known fishing place to those who  deal with   submarine fishing.Our island is ideal place for quiet vacations  near a natural environment.

It is an  ideal shelter for quiet vacations. The old settlement was built on the left of the harbour .It had 500 roughly houses, two-storied and three-storied buildings, characteristic samples of North-East Aegean architecture. The earthquake of 1968 destroyed almost all buildings. Very few buildings  survived the earthquake and within them the Marasleios-Logotheteios Faculty, that functioned as Public school from   1912-1968. The village was moved  in the valley of the island. The new houses are all with two and three rooms, are very similar and with little funcionality.

Agios Efstratios (Saint Efstratios) was known also and as place of exile. In the island stayed -while in exile -some  important persons of letters and art, as such as Ritsos, Varnalis, karouzos, theodorakis and Manos Katrakis who setup also the theatrical play "Aischylou Perses".

Two things can be enjoyed by the visotor. The hospitality of the residents and the beaches. The number of last ones is really impressive, for such a small island.




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